Introducing Farnsworth: Our Rescue Cat

Those who know me know that I’ve recently moved house to live with my girlfriend Jessica. It’s been an interesting change, but one thing I know she’s been missing is her pets. She’s a real animal person, and as long as I’ve known her, I’ve been convinced she prefers her dogs and cats to me (not that I blame her, my PS3 is very close to edging her out). So anyway, this week we decided to foster a cat, and lo and behold, we’ve decided to keep him. Meet Farnsworth.


Jess has always been a huge advocate of rescuing animals, so there really was no other option for us than to get a rescue cat. There are so many animals looking for homes (Jess works very closely with Cat’s Aid and Dog’s Aid) it’s such a shame that people treat them as possessions which can be thrown out with the old curtains when they get bored. I’ve gone out to Dog’s Aid once before too, and every dog there is so full of character, playful and yet have not always had the best of treatment from people. Neither charity will ever put a healthy animal down, and are always looking for people to adopt and foster animals.

We definitely plan on fostering again (we can’t keep every one we do, as much as Jess wants to), and being able to help in any way is rewarding. If you’re interested in finding out more, both charities have websites (Cat’s Aid and Dog’s Aid). Definitely worth taking a peak.

That’s my first two posts about various charity¬†endeavours. My next one will be a little more lighthearted, I swear :D


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