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First time stream

Sunday, September 2nd, 2012

Just posting the test stream I did on . I hope to post soon on my set up :)

Watch live video from xanthangun on TwitchTV

Extra Life 2012 Hub

Sunday, September 2nd, 2012

So it’s official, I’m definitely taking part in Extra Life 2012. I’m going to use this page as a hub for all my activities on the day. I’ll constantly update it with sponsorship updates, any ideas I have bouncing around my head on the day, challenges etc.

Sponsorship Page

Live Stream

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How you can help

Please please please share this page, tell a friend, play along, or join the team and help us reach our goal!

The Extra Life Team

Michael Ormonde (@michael_ormonde)
Dean Gouldsbury (@dean_gouldsbury)

Gaming Schedule

When you donate, you can put a comment into the message. If you would like to suggest challenges, simply add them to your comment and I’ll slot them in here (provided the challenge is reasonable)

Time Mick Dean
8 am Anything & everything Pac Man: Championship Edition DX
9 am Just Cause 2
10 am Sonic 2 (Achievement Challenge)
11 am Golden Axe / Streets of Rage
12 pm Worms Revolution
1 pm Zen Pinball – Weekly League Table Portal Still Alive (Achievement Challenge)
2 pm
3 pm Left 4 Dead 2
4 pm
5 pm Mario Kart
6 pm XCOM: Enemy Unknown Mortal Kombat
7 pm Mario World
8 pm
9 pm Battlefield 3 multiplayer
10 pm
11 pm
12 am Tekken Tag Tournament 2
1 am Dishonored Stranger’s Wrath
2 am Doom BFG Edition
3 am
4 am Motorstorm: Apocalypse
5 am
6 am GTA III: Sandbox Challenges
7 am Super Meat Boy Super Ghouls & Ghosts
Revenge of Shinobi