Goals of 2013

I’ve been neglecting my blogging since Extra Life 2012. Getting things done around a new house really takes it out of you, and combining that with making sure Farnsworth doesn’t climb up the walls (literally) doesn’t leave much time for posting. But with a new year comes new initiative, and so my first post of 2013 is one to lay out my hopes and goals for 2013

Write More

Given the opening paragraph, this one is a no brainer for me. I really enjoy writing and conversing about video games, so I hope to get back into the full swing of game writing. I’ve applied to a site, so I’m hoping that something comes of that. Other than that, I hope to keep contributing to A Band Of Gamers with community reviews, and post with a lot more regularity on my own blog here.

Eat better / healthier

It’s no secret to anyone that knows me that I like food. When I first moved house, I began to get lazy and order a lot more take away food. I hope to change that in 2013. I’m going to try to cut out most of the crap that I eat, as well as reducing the portions that I eat. This will hopefully lead to goal number three.

Run a 5K / 10K race

Last year, I began to take up running as a way to improve my fitness. It lasted a while, but again, moving house has a huge effect. Jobs around the house began to take precedent, and eventually I got out of the habit of going out and running. This year, I hope to get back running, and run a few short distance races over the summer.

Reduce gaming purchases / finish more games

This one seems to be on my goals list every year. I suffer from what some gamers call “The Sickness”; an affinity for the new and shiny, having to buy each new release that peaks my interest on release day, and oftentimes playing them very little or none at all. I’ve a huge backlog of games waiting months (or years) to be played. I’m hoping to play and finish more games this year, and only buy those I really want to play at that point. I can wait on the others to drop in price before shelling out my hard earned.

I’m hopeful that writing out these goals will help keep me focused on them, and I’ll be able to look back at the end of the year and see where I’ve succeeded, and where I’ve let myself down.

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