Writing for Thunderbolt Games / New addition to the household!

In my goals post last week, I committed to doing more writing in my free time. Writing is always something I’ve enjoyed doing. Those that know me will know that I’ve attempted to launch sites where I could write about games. Maybe I was too ambitious, maybe I took on too much at once, but for one reason or another, those sites failed to take off. Trying to write enough content to justify an entire site was something that was beyond me.

So at the start of the year I decided to go out on a limb and apply to write to an independent gaming site. I’ve been back and forth for a few days now, but I’m happy to say that I’ve been accepted as a Staff Writer over on ThunderboltGames.com. I’ve only discovered the site recently, but they have a rich history (dating back to 2000), and focus primarily on Reviews and Features, which is exactly the type of content and writing I’m most interested in. They have long supported budding writers, and I’m extremely appreciative to have been accepted and being given a shot at contributing to the site.

Also, after much (read: little) discussion, myself and Jess will be welcoming a new addition to the household very soon, all going according to plan. We’re looking to adopt a new dog :) . We haven’t settled on breed or anything of the sort, but we really want to give another loving animal a great home, and give Farnsworth some companionship.

Plus, if I get my way, and he’s a he, I want to name him Wernstrom!

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