Warmachine: The collector’s bug bites!

Another blog post, I’m on a roll :)

I’ve always liked the idea of miniature war gaming. There’s something intangibly satisfying about having the actual pieces in front of you, being able to analyse them and survey your next plan of attack. It’s why I’ve always preferred actual chess boards to digital representations, for example. This past weekend, I decided to take the plunge and begin my first1 foray into war gaming with Warmachine.

Warmachine Logo

For those that don’t know, Warmachine (and accompanying game Hordes) is a tabletop game where each player controls an army of their desired faction. Movement is not restricted to a regimented game board, instead units are free to move and attack anywhere on the playing surface according to their stats. (This is an extremely brief intro, check out the Wikipedia page for a more detailed breakdown). However, the gaming element is just one part of the hobby, as all the miniatures have to be constructed and painted, allowing for a lot of customisation. The exact nature of the army is also up to you, so you can craft your chosen faction in any way you desire.

I’ve decided that to start off, I’m going to throw my lot in with the “Protectorate of Menoth” faction. Something about their back-story (or “fluff” to use wargaming parlance) was interesting to me – religious zealots who like nothing more than to burn their enemies with fire! Plus, their heavy miniatures look pretty cool.

Protectorate of Menoth Vanquisher

The staff at Gamer’s World Dublin couldn’t have been nicer, and have even pointed me in the direction of other players and groups who would help me starting out. I’ve also found a number of resources on youtube that I hope will help me learn the game. If nothing else, I’ll have another topic to blog about on occasion :)

1technically it’s not my first foray. I actually have a starter set for Warhammer Fantasy. However, I found that game quite intimidating due to the sheer number of factions and scale of the rules. Also, and this is just my personal opinion, but I found the GW a little intimidating for a first time player, and the staff were trying to sell me huge amounts of kit right off the bat (of course, that’s their job but it’s a lot to try and digest right off the bat

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