Introducing Nessa

We got a doggie! It’s been something myself and Jess have known would happen since we moved house – I literally didn’t have a choice in the matter, a dog would be part of our family, but I was always on board with the idea. This week, Nessa entered our lives. Jess had seen quite a bit of Nessa (then called Candi), a black Labrador Retriever, in her volunteer work, and had already fallen in love. I’d seen pictures of her even before we considered adopting. Once we’d set our minds on a puppy, Nessa was the only one.


It’s been a long time since I’ve had a puppy, and I still remember joys of puppy training and the endless “presents” we woke up to each morning, but aside from one or two minor gripes, Nessa has been an absolute star. Surprisingly, she took immediately to house training (her previous owners must have done some work on that), and every day she is seeing improvements in her lead walking and command training. She gets a little over excited around new people and other dogs, but Jess is constantly working on those point. I swear she has the patience of a saint and definitely a lot more than me.

We’re also taking a slow approach in introducing Nessa to Farnsworth. All of their contact so far has been brief, controlled interactions. It’s progressing as well as can be expected after five days, but Nessa’s “enthusiasm can sometimes makes kitty nervous, so it’s something we need to continuously work on.


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